Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Curriculum

Teachers' Manual and Student Workbook

Shepherd Center is proud to offer our newly revised brain and spinal cord injury science curriculum to interested school systems and other interested organizations such as trauma centers. The curriculum can be delivered over about 3 weeks or once a week throughout semester. It covers anatomy, careers in medicine and rehabilitation, and injury prevention. It is currently being delivered to seventh graders in ten public middle schools in Cobb County, Georgia.

The teachers' manual and student workbook are both available as free downloads. Click below for pdf downloads.

Teachers' Manual

Student Workbook



PowerPoint Slides

Student Testimonials

"We wanted to say thank you for informing our school about the seriousness of these injuries and the consequences of the risks people take." – Maddy, Tegan, Rachel, and Zorah

"This program was awesome and we hope you bring it to as many schools as you can" – Mackenzie, Ben, Sterling and Ariana

"Stopping and thinking before doing something could save yours or someone else’s life." - Bita, Nikita, Alisa and Laksha

Curriculum Videos

Some of the lessons incorporate videos (outlined in the lesson plans). You can view all the videos below. If you order printed teacher's manuals and student workbooks you will receive a flash drive with the videos.

Our patients and staff visit a school:

All inquiries about this program can be directed to:

Emma Harrington
Director of Injury Prevention and Education Services
Shepherd Center
Office: 404-350-7559
Fax: 404-350-3145

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