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Injury prevention is at the core of Shepherd Center's mission. Our goal is to educate people about the causes of brain and spinal cord injuries so they can make better and safer choices in their behavior. We focus on preventing initial injuries, as well as all-too-common secondary injuries that affect many of our patients. We are always open to hearing from members of the community, our patients and our staff about ways we can help spread the message about injury prevention. If we can prevent one single brain or spinal cord injury, then we'll consider our program a success. However, more than anything, we'd like to bring an end to all preventable injuries.

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Do you have a brain or spinal cord injury that you feel was preventable? Are you willing to share your story?

Please contact us here with your questions and to share your story:

Emma Harrington, Director of Injury Prevention and Education Services
Shepherd Center
Office: 404-350-7559