Dr. Ben W. Thrower, medical director of the Multiple Sclerosis Institute at Shepherd Center

Ben W. Thrower M.D.

Medical Director, Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute

Ben Thrower, M.D., is the medical director of the Andrew C. Carlos MS Institute at Shepherd Center. He previously served as the medical director of the Holy Family Multiple Sclerosis Institute in Spokane, Wash. In Spokane, he was the chair of the Inland Northwest Chapter of the NMSS. In 2000, he was awarded the Norm Cohn Hope Chest Award by the National MS Society, recognizing his work with the MS community. In 2005, he was the first physician inductee into the Georgia Chapter of the National MS Society Volunteer Hall of Fame.

Dr. Thrower’s Medical Background

Dr. Thrower is a clinical instructor of neurology at Emory University and participates actively in clinical research. He serves on the board of directors of the Georgia Chapter of the National MS Society and has served on the board for the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Institutes.

Combining his professional interests with his love of motorcycles, he founded the non-profit organization HAMS, Hogs Against MS. His wife, Karen, is a pediatrician. They have three children, Stephanie, Nathan and Sam.

Dr. Thrower in the News and Media

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