A close-up aerial view of the Shepherd Center logo on the Shepherd Center building.

Plan for Admission at Shepherd Center’s Hospital for Rehabilitation

Our staff of admissions liaisons can begin the admission process anywhere in the United States within 24 hours of referral on business days. We offer this service free of charge and often serve as the referring facility’s primary educator and resource for family members. As you or your loved one prepare to become a patient at Shepherd Center’s facility in Atlanta, Georgia, explore our admissions checklist and additional resources.

Wesley Chay, M.D., cares for patients in the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit at Shepherd Center.


Our team of researchers work to develop and evaluate new treatments, drugs, surgical techniques, diagnostic tools and various therapy interventions. 

A patient's family sits with him as he lies in bed.

Planning Your Admission

The admissions process includes an assessment of the medical, clinical and psychosocial needs of each patient and family to ensure the most appropriate level of care. 

A patient participants in physical therapy.

Clinical Levels of Care

Shepherd Center located in Atlanta, Georgia, provides many clinical levels of care.