Your Choice, Your Healing: Discover Shepherd Center

When it comes to rehabilitation, you have the power to choose — opt for care that feels like home

At Shepherd Center, we understand the weight of the decisions that accompany a traumatic injury or illness. We recognize that the search for a rehabilitation facility can feel overwhelming, which is why we're committed to being your partner in navigating this challenging journey.

Recognizing the critical role of community and support in the rehabilitation process, we've built more than just a facility — we've created a nurturing home. Within our walls, you'll find more than medical expertise; you'll discover a haven where family and care intertwine to offer hope and encouragement.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that every patient benefits from the latest advances in rehabilitation treatments, setting the foundation for optimal recovery outcomes.

With our compassionate care team, you'll embark on your journey to healing with a renewed sense of confidence and peace of mind. Together, we'll navigate the road ahead, empowering you to reclaim your strength and independence.

Choose Your Admissions Path at Shepherd Center

When it comes to rehabilitation, the power is in your hands. Discover how Shepherd Center can be your supportive partner.

A patient participating in occupational therapy with her two therapists. One therapist leans down to give patient a hug,

Inpatient Admissions Process

Our inpatient admissions process isn't just about paperwork; it's about building a connections, fostering trust, and laying the foundation for a positive experience ahead.

A physician in the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic reviews a patient's file with both the patient and his mother.

Outpatient Admissions Process

Your recovery journey often extends beyond discharge from an acute care or rehabilitation facility. Our outpatient clinics offer ongoing and lifelong care.

Three healthcare providers review a patient file on a laptop.

Referring Healthcare Providers

As your partner, you can trust that your patients will benefit from world-class care, cutting-edge research, and unwavering support as they navigate their path to recovery.

Take Control of Your Healing

If you're exploring options for rehabilitation or specialized care, ask your physician, discharge planner, social worker, or insurance company case manager to submit a referral on your behalf.

We also welcome you to contact us directly. Our compassionate team is ready to listen, provide guidance, and help determine whether Shepherd Center is the right choice for your rehabilitation journey.

Begin Your Admissions Inquiry

An exercise specialist guides a patient through boxing-inspired movements on the tilt table, promoting improved balance and coordination following a brain injury.

Codi Southerland smiles with her father and Shepherd patient, Les Brindle.
Caregiver Testimonial

We got to know staff from housekeeping to the coffee kiosk and patients from all over. When you're there as long as we were and surrounded by people whose lives are also getting flipped upside down, everyone quickly becomes an extension of your family. We've created a lifelong family at Shepherd.

Codi Southerland
Daughter of Spinal Cord Injury Patient

A Community of Support

We believe in offering more than just extraordinary care — we strive to create a nurturing environment that embraces you like family.

From the moment you reach out to us, our admissions team is dedicated to offering support and guidance, ensuring you never have to face the challenges ahead alone.

Meet Our Admissions Team

More than 20 Shepherd Center case managers gathering outside for a posed photo. They are wearing t-shirts that say, "Shepherd Case Manager, I Solve Problems."