Your Access Case Manager

Kelly Williams, Access Case Manager

Access Case Manager, Shepherd Center

Kelly Williams joined Shepherd Center in 2013 as an access case manager.  She initially started working with Shepherd Center in 2001 as a speech language pathologist in the Acquired Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury programs, as well as, the Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute at Shepherd Center. Kelly gained further knowledge and experience with these special populations in the trauma intensive care units at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, Emory University Hospital and Gwinnett Medical Center, totaling more than 25 years of experience with critically ill patients and their families.

Kelly has unique insight into the experience of Shepherd Center patients and their families. “I love being able to help families create a plan for the future when things are looking so dismal in the ICU,” she says. “We restore their hope, and that's really what Shepherd Center is all about! I know what’s ahead after they leave the local hospital because I’ve worked along the entire continuum of recovery from hospital to home. I especially understand the fear of leaving your community to come to Atlanta, even if its temporary.”

Growing up in south Georgia, Kelly is aware of the challenges families face when coming to Atlanta or returning home to a rural area where resources might be limited. “What I love the most about my territory, from Thomasville to Macon, is the supportive communities made up of amazing people!”