Think BIG: Health & Wellness After Brain Injury

February 3, 2018
8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Callaway Auditorium

The focus of the Think BIG symposium is on health and wellness to support long term health in brain injury through promoting active lifestyles, developing strong social networks, encouraging patient/family health and wellness goals, and assessing for risk factors that limit physical and cognitive engagement in communities.

The day will also include panel presentations of researchers describing the state of brain injury research in Georgia, and of brain injury survivors and caregivers sharing their stories of challenges and successes. 

Attendees will leave with new ideas, approaches, and resources to support the long-term success of survivors and caregivers. Think BIG is a healthcare professional, survivor and caregiver symposium presented by Shepherd Center and the Brain Injury Association of Georgia (BIAG).

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