Sports and recreation therapy thrive at Shepherd Center.

Shepherd Center incorporates recreation therapy into its rehabilitation programs to improve self-esteem, relieve stress and increase mobility.

Recreation Therapy

Find out what programs the Shepherd Center's Recreation Therapy Department has to offer.

Adventure Skills Workshop

Get hands-on practice in activities like tubing, skiing, fishing, climbing, kayaking, scuba and more during this fun-filled weekend.

Recreation Therapy Resources

See our handy guide featuring tips, reminders and resources for when you're out and about.

Sports Teams

Shepherd Center sponsors 11 sports teams for individuals with physical disabilities in the Atlanta area.

Wheelchair Division of the AJC Peachtree Road Race

Every July 4 the world's top wheelchair athletes come to Atlanta for Shepherd Center's wheelchair division race

Promotion Fitness Center

Land-based and aquatic classes, personalized programs, private lessons and personal training.

Upcoming Recreation Therapy Events

Gain some insight on a variety of upcoming recreation therapy events here at Shepherd Center.