Guillain Barré Syndrome Rehabilitation and Recovery

Guillain Barré Syndrome Treatment Program

Shepherd Center offers a Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS) treatment program that is uniquely equipped to handle even the most severe cases of GBS. Unlike other Guillain Barré rehabilitation settings, Shepherd Center can take patients sooner – even while they are still on a ventilator. The goal is to get Guillain Barré patients moving toward recovery at the earliest opportunity. Our doctors can also rapidly respond when a patient declines by providing repeat immunomodulatory treatments. This means patients receive timely acute medical management without disrupting important strides made in therapy. Up to 5% of patients will relapse, usually within the first two months.

To aid in recovery, Guillain Barré patients have access to a full team of rehabilitation and medical professionals including pulmonologists, physiatrists, physical, occupational and speech therapists, pain specialists and psychologists.

Call our Admissions Department at 404-350-7345 to initiate a referral to Shepherd Center.

Learning About Brain Injury

Patients with GBS greatly benefit from Shepherd Center’s comprehensive, specialized rehabilitation services, including:

  • medical services for relapses and secondary complications
  • advanced technologies and activity-based interventions, including locomotor training and neurostimulators to help patients gradually rebuild neuromuscular control
  • training with adaptive devices, such as a wheelchair or braces; if needed, patients will be given a portable ventilator that can attach to an electric wheelchair
  • speech therapy for patients who have trouble swallowing or talking
  • specialized pain center with clinicians specifically trained in pain intervention and rehabilitation
  • psychological counseling for coping skills and to manage depression or anxiety
  • recreational therapy and vocational counseling to help ease the transition back to home and school or work

Our Goals for Each Guillain Barré Syndrome Rehabilitation Patient

Our GBS recovery program provides you with:

  • intensive, individualized rehabilitation to maximize your function and independence
  • extensive education for you and your family
  • improved quality of life