Assistive Technology Services

Personalized Adaptive Technology Recommendations

Get assistive devices and technology to make it easier to complete daily tasks and improve the quality of your life. Shepherd Center offers consultations by assistive device specialists to recommend tools or technology to support greater independence for people with disabilities or injuries.

Shepherd Center offers the following consultation services for adaptive technology:

Computer Access Clinic

The Computer Access Clinic at Shepherd Center provides customized computer system recommendations for people with disabilities to suit their needs at home. Therapists evaluate the needs of individuals and prescribe solutions, such as keyboard modifications, switches, voice activation, head pointing, and remote-control devices. Shepherd Center, computer access specialists, also consider financial concerns and insurance to determine the best equipment to meet individual needs.

Home, Work, and Recreation Environmental Control Clinic

The Environmental Control Clinic at Shepherd Center helps people with disabilities gain more independence by using technology to control home, work, and recreational environments.

Get information and technology recommendations to operate the following:

  • Attendant call systems
  • Telephone communication
  • On/off control of lamps, ceiling lights, ceiling fans, and other appliances
  • Remote control of televisions, video recorders,
  • DVDs and stereo amplifiers
  • Automatic door openers
  • Lap trays

Shepherd Center occupational therapists evaluate each user's lifestyle requirements and functional abilities to provide custom modifications of hardware, software, electronics, and other appliances. These modifications help individuals live safely and function productively in different environments.

Shepherd offers a large inventory of switches, environmental control devices, and systems to test and evaluate. Durable medical equipment specialists are also available to determine financial options to cover equipment costs.