Brain Injury Research

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What interventions lead to the best health and functional outcomes for persons with traumatic brain injury? Will medications help people with brain injuries to participate more in their therapies and recover better?

Which bedside assessment scales are best for evaluating patients who have disorders of consciousness? What functional, psychological and social factors are most likely to place a client at risk for a poor rehabilitation outcome and/or difficulty transitioning home?

Can we better assess and predict which clients are high safety risks and need full-time supervision? What resources are needed in the first year after traumatic brain injury to maximize client return to the community and improve life quality?

All are important clinical questions and they are just some of the funded research questions that the Shepherd Center Brain Injury Research Program is studying. The most important thing to our research staff is that we conduct studies that are relevant and useful to our patients, families, and clinicians.

When we design a research study, we have to be comfortable enough with the study that we would consent our own family members to be participants in it. There has to be enough potential upside and/or very limited downside so that patients and their families feel good about participating.

The following is a current listing of active and enrolling research studies as well as a summary of previously completed brain injury research studies at Shepherd Center. Thank you for your interest in participating.