Shepherd Sports

Shepherd Center sponsors 11 sports teams that enable individuals with physical disabilities in the Atlanta area to participate in sports on a recreational or competitive level.

Athletes compete in local and regional competitions, as well as at the national and international levels. Regular practice sessions offer expert instruction, as well as camaraderie and peer support. Shepherd Center’s sports teams program raises awareness about disabilities and increases participation in disabled sports.

Joining a Team
Membership on a Shepherd Center sports team is open to athletes with any type of a physical disability, as long as the disability falls within the guidelines of the sport. For more information about becoming an athlete, or to sponsor the sports team program, call 404-367-1287 or email Matt Edens.

More than 100 athletes participate in Shepherd’s team practices. Shepherd Center athletes have won national and international competitions, with several athletes holding world records. In fact, more than 20 athletes from Shepherd Center have qualified to represent the US in their sports during the last several Paralympic games and several have won medals.

Shepherd Center sponsors the largest disabled sports program in North America. Teams include: basketball; power soccer; riflery; track; quad rugby; swimming; waterskiing; fencing; handcycling; kayaking and bass fishing.

Practice Schedule

Team NameSportSeasonPractice
Shepherd Swords Fencing All Year Sat 10am‐2pm
Shepherd Shooters Riflery Jan‐Sep Wed 6‐7pm
Shepherd Spinners Track Mar‐Oct Mon & Wed 6‐8:30pm
Shepherd Stealers Basketball Aug‐Mar Tue & Thu 6:30‐9pm
Shepherd Sharks Swimming Nov‐Mar Tue & Thu 6‐8pm
Shepherd Skiers Water Skiing Mar‐Sep Individual practice times
Shepherd Strikers Power Soccer Sep‐May Mon & Fri 5pm
Shepherd Smash Quad Rugby All Year Mon & Wed 7‐9pm
Shepherd Sluggers Softball May-Aug TBD
Shepherd Stringers Bass Fishing All Year Individual practice times
Shepherd Cyclers Handcycling All Year Sat 8‐11:30am