Recreation Therapy

Our Mission Statement:

Shepherd Center’s Recreation Therapy Department’s mission is to help people with a temporary or permanent disability caused by injury or disease to lead healthy and active lifestyles as independently as possible through the use of recreation activities, providing education, skill development, and community reintegration opportunities.

Researchers have identified that involvement in recreation activities provides many benefits, some of which include increased physical fitness, increased self-confidence and increased social interaction. Research shows that productive and positive use of recreation time for someone with a disability is not only desirable, it is imperative.

Attitude and activity strongly affect a person’s health and well-being. Involvement in positive and meaningful recreation activities assists with decreasing medical complications and the need for further medical intervention and /or hospitalization, and it is one of the best ways to adjust to lifestyle changes caused by a disability.


Anyone who has acquired a disability and wishes to return to an active lifestyle. Please inquire via contact information below if you are interested in Recreation Therapy Outpatient Services.



Individuals are assessed to see what goals they have for themselves and what goals the Recreation Therapy Specialists finds appropriate for the individual. Once goals are agreed upon then individual sessions are set to work towards achieving these goals.



Leisure Counseling/Leisure Education Content Areas

• Laws and rights

• Meaning of wellness

• Benefits of recreation

• Problem solving techniques

• Community accessibility

• Self-advocacy

• Transportation and Air travel

• Time management

• Community resources

• Stigma management


Leisure Skill Instruction Content Area

• Explore Recreation Interest

• Adaptive equipment

• Adaptive techniques

• Activity modifications

• Recreation Resources



All learned information is combined to assist an individual with the confidence and knowledge to return to their community. Individuals with the support and guidance of the Recreation Therapy Specialists, learn how to function more independently and practice skills within their community. External resources are used whenever needed to assist in achieving a goal. Through the assistance of Recreation Therapy services individuals gain the confidence and knowledge to become active members of their community.


Click here for our 2019 Event Brochure.



For a Recreation Therapy internship Click here for the internship package. Please mail your complete application package to Cecilia Rider, Recreation Therapy, 2020 Peachtree Road NW; Atlanta, Georgia; 30309.


For an Art Therapy internship click here for the letter and click here for internship package.  Applicants must currently be enrolled in a graduate art therapy program. Please mail your complete application package to Phoebe Whisnant, Recreation Therapy, 2020 Peachtree Road NW; Atlanta, Georgia; 30309



For more information about Recreation Therapy services, email Kelly Edens @ 

Student Tour Information

If you are a current student majoring in Recreation Therapy and are interested in touring our Recreation Therapy Department, please contact Liz Thrush at  or 404-367-1364.  Your name must be on the tour list and only those students that have received a confirmation will be allowed to tour.  Tours are approximately 1 hour.

Tour dates are as follows (subject to change):

April 18th 1-2pm

May 31st 11-12

June 14th 1-2pm

July 19th 11-12

August 16th 1-2pm

September 13th 11-12

October 18th 1-2pm

November 22nd 11-12

December 13th 1-2pm