Women with SCI Resources Videos

Shepherd Center's resource video series, Empowering Women After SCI: Safe Health Care Goes Beyond Accessibility, aims to empower women who have sustained spinal cord injuries (SCI) to advocate for their own health and wellness. The videos also serve to better equip healthcare providers to treat women with SCI.

Women with spinal cord injuries discuss health topics like breast cancer, bone density, and nutrition. 

Watch More SCI Resource Videos

Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery

Safe and healthy pregnancies are possible with supportive medical providers.


Women with spinal cord injuries discuss a range of intimate topics and their approach to making decisions about their health.

Sex Positions

This video depicts positions you can try with a partner during physical intimacy. 

Diet and Exercise

A nutritious diet and regular exercise can aid in digestion, overall body composition, and weight management. 


Parenting with a spinal cord injury can require creative approaches to unique challenges. 

Office Visits

Advocating for equitable access to healthcare after sustaining a spinal cord injury is essential to your well-being. 


A positive outlook on dating can help you build the confidence to meet new people. 


Women with spinal cord injuries discuss rediscovering their sense of fashion.