Patient Satisfaction

Shepherd Center, one of the leading rehabilitation hospitals in the nation, strives to be the provider of choice for people with spinal cord injury or disease, acquired brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, spine and chronic pain, and other neurological conditions.

Shepherd Center's mission is to help people who have experienced a catastrophic injury or disease, which has resulted in a temporary or permanent disability, rebuild their lives with hope, dignity and independence, advocating for their full inclusion in all aspects of community life. Patient satisfaction surveys are one means for measuring how effective we are at achieving that mission.

Because Shepherd Center is a not-for-profit organization and an asset to communities across the country, we are proud to publicly post our patient satisfaction scores. We are also committed to continuously striving to perform better. The scores below are based on patient survey responses in 2019.

How likely are former inpatients to recommend Shepherd Center?

Shepherd Center is the most amazing place with the most amazing staff! Every corner exuded hope! My husband was so very fortunate to have been a patient there. Your care provided us with hope every day. Your skilled staff is credited with the progress he made!

How do inpatients rate the overall care?

Shepherd Center is amazing. Having the unfortunate situation to have spent too much time in too many medical facilities, I can say with a lot of reference/background that Shepherd is the finest medical facility/community we have ever encountered. Bravo!

How do inpatients rate their training for home care?

The entire staff really focused on what happens when you leave here. It made the transition smooth and gave us a jump start at home.

Larry Kachele
How do inpatients rate the courtesy of Shepherd Center nurses?

The whole nursing team is top notch! I have never seen better nurses in my life. They were kind, patient, caring and prompt.

How do inpatients rate the courtesy of their physical therapist?

Annalise was sweet and set realistic goals, pushed when it was needed, and also kept the family informed and trained.

James Maynard
How do inpatients rate the courtesy of their occupational therapist?

Bre was just AWESOME! My son looked forward to something different to accomplish with Bre each day. Words cannot express my gratitude for the work you did with my son.

How do inpatients rate the courtesy of their speech therapist?

Macy was amazing! She prepared me for going back to school and just life in general. When I got overwhelmed, she encouraged me and always did what was best for me.

Abigail Allen
How do inpatients rate the courtesy of their rehabilitation doctor?

Dr. Chay was very professional and kind. I was totally happy. The outcome was excellent.