Shepherd Center Media Kit

Shepherd Center’s logos are registered marks and protected by copyright laws. Logos may not be displayed or printed by external entities or individuals without prior written consent from the Public Relations Department at Shepherd Center. Contact the PR Department at 404-367-1306 or

Any approved usage of Shepherd Center’s logos must adhere to the guidelines specified in the Shepherd Center Brand Guidelines Manual, including:

  • Nothing may be printed within or over the logo.
  • The logo may not be combined with other images or designs to create a new symbol or image.
  • The logo must be reproduced in the colors specified in the Shepherd Center Brand Guidelines Manual.
  • Do not use the “helping hands” icon without the “Shepherd Center” text.

Download Shepherd Center's Brand Guidelines Manual (PDF)


EPS – This is a vector version of the logo. EPS files require EPS-based software and are intended for use in print design applications. This format also works well for large items, such as banners and posters.

JPG (300 DPI) – This format is the most common file format and can be used in a wide range of print applications that require a high-resolution file. Resolution is 300 dpi.

JPG (72 DPI) – This is a low-resolution format intended for web use only. Resolution is 72 dpi.

PNG  is a lossless compression file format, which makes it a common choice for use on the Web. The format allows for transparency.

If you have questions about usage of the files, contact Kerry Ludlam at 404-367-1306 or or Jo Tapper at 404-350-7714 or

Shepherd Center Logo Horizontal

Shepherd Center Logo Horizontal w/ Address

Shepherd Center Logo Vertical

Shepherd Center Logo Vertical w/ Address

Shepherd Center PowerPoint Template

The 16:9 ratio version of our PowerPoint template is best used for presentations, while the 4:3 ratio version is best used for PowerPoints that you plan to print.