Why Choose Shepherd Center?

It's important to consider your options before choosing a rehabilitation care provider.

Shepherd Center is ranked among the nation's top 10 rehabilitation hospitals by US News & World Report.

About Us

Shepherd Center specializes in medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury and brain injury.

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    The Shepherd Story

    Learn what led to the founding of Shepherd Center in 1975 and how it has grown into the nation's largest rehabilitation facility of its kind.

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    Innovation Cannot be Paralyzed

    Michael Gore sustained a paralyzing spinal cord injury several years ago. With the help of the Indego(TM) - a new exoskeleton walking device - he can now walk for the first time in five years.

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    Hospitals talk about outcomes. Things like: prevention, transparency, independence. But what does it all mean? Learn more about Shepherd Center's outcomes.

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    Shepherd Center - Video Tour

    Shepherd Center, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a private, not-for-profit hospital specializing in medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury and brain injury. Founded in 1975, Shepherd Center is ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the top 10 rehabilitation hospitals in the nation.

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    Beyond Therapy - a Shepherd Center Program

    Beyond Therapy® is a rigorous, activity-based program designed to help people with a variety of neurological disorders improve lifelong health, minimize secondary complications and get the most from any new neural links to their muscles.

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