Patient and Family Training

Shepherd Center offers patient and family training sessions so that you can learn as much as possible about your injury or illness and be confident in your ability to manage ongoing medical care once you return home.

Having a thorough understanding helps patients take full advantage of the rehabilitation process and can help prevent being rehospitalized. Our educational programs include:

Spinal Cord Injury Classes

Nurses and therapists at Shepherd Center teach patients and their families about spinal cord injury or neuromuscular disease. The emphasis is on respiratory care, skin care, bowel and bladder care, sexuality and substance abuse -- all critical to long-term health. Classes are part of the inpatient rehabilitation program and are also available to day program patients and outpatients.

Spinal Cord Injuries Family Training Series

Families and caregivers of spinal cord injured patients receive several days of classroom training on all aspects of patient care. Education is provided through a combination of classes and hands-on training that is specific to the individual patient's needs. Videotapes provide supplemental training tools for families. Classes also are available to persons who provide care to spinal cord injured patients, medical and allied health students, professional and paraprofessional caregivers.

Brain Injury Family Education

Families and caregivers receive two days of instruction on various aspects of brain injury, with an emphasis on cognition and behavior, swallowing, seizure control, safety, respiratory complications, skin care, body positioning, sexuality and substance abuse. Community re-entry, vocational issues and family dynamics are also addressed. Education is provided through a combination of classes and hands-on training that is specific to the individual patient's needs. Classes are open to families of inpatients, Day Program patients and outpatients.

Extended Family Training

Family training for ventilator-dependent patients provides extended instruction on ventilators, tracheotomies, suctioning, assist coughing and all aspects of respiratory care. Families receive hands-on instruction from a nurse or respiratory therapist.

Multiple Sclerosis Training

Using the Multiple Sclerosis Personal Care Manual, nurse educators teach patients about multiple sclerosis (MS) and its effects on the body. Areas of emphasis are skin care, bladder care, bowel care and respiratory care. Drugs and therapies used to treat multiple sclerosis are also explained.

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