Make a Donation: Help Patients Find Their Turning Point

Every day, we see patients reclaim their lives through personalized therapies. These therapies that help so much in the healing process aren’t covered by insurance. When therapies help patients do something they loved before they were injured or connect them to something they’ve never tried before, patients begin believing in themselves in a whole new way. Therapies like:

  • Recreation therapy: Helps people heal and get back to doing daily activities, like running errands, hiking and biking.
  • Assistive technology: Helps provide voice-activated devices and other tools to help a patient keep up with their social life.
  • Chaplaincy: Helps heal patients spiritually and helps them feel at home when they are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Family housing: Helps keep families together when patients need the most support.
  • Animal-assisted therapy: Helps lift spirits though animal contact and encourage motor skill development through simple acts like petting a dog.

We can’t predict which therapies will resonate with patients when they arrive, but we have seen the success that happens when a patient receives personalized care, designed to bring hope to their healing journey. These services can only be made possible by generous friends like you.

This kind of life-transforming hope starts with you. Your gifts are so appreciated.

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