Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Shepherd Center

Important Notice

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) public health issue evolves, Shepherd Center regularly communicates updated information as it becomes available. As developments warrant, we are posting updates on this web page. Our pandemic-related policies are subject to change, so please check this page regularly.

If you have general inquiries related to Shepherd Center’s coronavirus actions, you may email or leave a message at 404-350-7662. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Shepherd Center Updates (Effective August 23, 2022)

  • Shepherd Center staff will wear KF94 or KN95 masks in clinical areas while interacting with patients.

For outpatients (clinics, non-day program, outpatients for therapy, seating clinic, driving clinic and/or assistive technology clinic) and their caregivers:

  • Outpatients and their caregivers must wear a KN95 or surgical mask AT ALL TIMES and be screened at the entryway checkpoint. You should go immediately to the clinic where you are scheduled to be seen.
  • Caregivers for outpatients with brief appointments are permitted to enter the building with the outpatient; however, if the waiting areas become too crowded, the caregiver may be asked to go to the Plaza to wait.
  • Caregivers accompanying patients receiving infusions, going to the seating clinic, or any lengthy procedures/appointments must wait in the Plaza. Caregivers may come in to go to the kiosk, Apothecary, or cafeteria to get some food/beverage but may not remain in the waiting areas.
  • Outpatients and their caregivers are restricted to the clinic/therapy areas where they have appointments and to the first and ground floors. They are not permitted to go to any inpatient units for any reason.
  • Outpatients and their caregivers may go to the Apothecary after their appointment for prescriptions. When possible, for prescription refills, please call ahead to the Apothecary and use curbside pickup.
  • After your appointment, you must leave Shepherd Center.

For Inpatient Visitors:

  • KN95 or surgical masks for patients and visitors are required except in the patient’s room with no staff present.
  • We are eliminating the “designated visitor” list, so patients may have more than four (4) visitors come during their stay.
  • Up to two (2) visitors may be on the inpatient unit/at the bedside at one time.
    • If medically cleared, the patient may go to the first floor (coffee kiosk and non-clinic seating areas), Secret Garden, or cafeteria (indoor and outdoor areas) to visit with more than two visitors at a time.
    • On the first floor, they may visit in the clinic waiting areas or the recreation therapy room ONLY on weekends/hospital holidays or after 6 PM on weekdays.
  • Visitors under the age of 18 may only visit between 6-8 PM on weekdays and 8 AM - 8 PM on weekends/hospital holidays.
  • All visitors under 18 must have a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of entering the building. They must show proof of the negative test to the screeners at entry. A time-stamped photograph of a COVID-19 home test is acceptable proof.
    • Children aged 12-17 may visit on the inpatient unit/at the bedside but must be accompanied by an adult visitor. The two-visitor limit remains, so only one child with one adult is allowed on the inpatient unit/at the bedside at a time.
    • Children aged 11 and below are not allowed on inpatient units/at the bedsides.
    • If medically cleared, the patient may go to the first floor (coffee kiosk, recreation therapy room, outpatient clinic waiting areas), Secret Garden, or cafeteria (indoor and outdoor areas) to visit with younger children and/or more than two visitors at a time.
  • All visitors must obtain a COVID-19 test (home test kits are acceptable) within five days of their initial visit and at least weekly if they regularly visit.
    • If they are experiencing any symptoms that may be related to COVID-19, they are asked to remain out of the hospital and retest.
    • If they have a fever, regardless of the cause, they must remain out of the hospital until they are fever-free for a minimum of 24 hours with no fever-lowering medications (e.g., Tylenol or ibuprofen).
    • Visitors must immediately call or email the case manager to report a positive COVID-19 test if they test positive within ten days after having visited Shepherd Center.
  • All visitors will be temperature checked upon entry to the building each day. Any visitors sleeping over should have a daily temperature check by case managers.
  • It is the responsibility of patients and their caregivers to inform all their visitors of the testing and masking rules and ensure they have obtained a COVID-19 test before coming to Shepherd Center.

Day Program Patients and Caregivers:

  • Day Program patients and their designated caregivers will be given a colored bracelet that must be worn for the duration of their program.
  • All designated caregivers must obtain a COVID-19 test before entering Shepherd Center the first time. Send test results (a time-stamped picture of a home test is acceptable) to your case manager.
  • No families/caregivers will be permitted to enter clinical areas or waiting rooms unless they have been specifically approved by management or the patient’s case manager in order to assist with critical activities. Approved caregivers will get an additional colored bracelet. If you have questions about your particular situation, please speak with your case manager.
  • Patients and family members must now wear KN95 or surgical masks when staff or other patients are present.
  • Patients and family members are permitted to go to the Coffee Kiosk/Apothecary on the first floor and the Cafeteria and Track on the lower floors. They are only allowed on other floors for therapy or if approved by the Day Program staff. They should not enter any inpatient unit, the Secret Garden, Recreational Therapy Room, 6th Floor Family Lounge, or the Gym.
  • Shepherd Center staff will continue to wear KF94 or KN95 masks in clinical areas and while interacting with patients.
  • Visitors are no longer required to retest if they leave for five or more days.
  • Home tests are allowed. Send test results (a picture in the case of a home test) to your case manager before entering Shepherd Center.

Other Visitors:

  • Only approved volunteers are allowed to enter after screening and must wear a KN95 mask if in a patient care area.
  • Only verified, essential vendors are allowed to enter after screening. They wear a mask and be screened at the entrance before signing in at the security desk via RepTrax.
  • Our consulting medical providers and external workers’ compensation case managers are permitted to enter. They must wear a mask at all times.
  • People needing prescriptions and supplies from Shepherd Apothecary should first call 404-350-7743 to pre-pay by credit card. Upon arrival in the front circle drive by the statue, customers can call the Apothecary to receive the delivery to their cars.
  • Delivery personnel arriving after hours should call Shepherd Center Security at 404-350-7449.