Dorea Fowler

Dorea Fowler RN, BSN, CRRN, CCM

Access Case Manager

With more than 32 years of experience at Shepherd Center, Dorea Fowler, RN, BSN, CRRN, is an expert in spinal cord injury and brain injury rehabilitation. Dorea has served in various roles at Shepherd Center, including SCI nurse, staff RN Educator, and Clinical Evaluator, and is currently an Access Case Manager in Admissions. She has also taught training courses on spinal cord injury for patients, families, and staff members. She is passionate about her job and believes in the quality of rehabilitation services provided by Shepherd Center.

Dorea's expertise extends beyond Shepherd Center as she provides training programs for nursing students at Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University and in-service training for neurotrauma and critical care staff in trauma centers across the country.

But it's not just her professional accomplishments that make her stand out. In her personal life, Dorea enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, camping, rafting, and cycling, and spending time with her family, friends, and two rescue dogs.

Dorea's passion for her job and commitment to spinal cord injury and brain injury rehabilitation make her an invaluable asset to the healthcare industry.