Workers Compensation Case Management Resources

This page is for Workers Compensation case managers, claims managers, or life care planners seeking options for injured clients. It is specifically for patients who need a “tune-up,” those who never participated in rehabilitation, or injured workers who have previously participated in rehabilitation and are more than six months post-injury.

Heddi Silon, director of workers’ compensation at Shepherd Center

To request either a routine evaluation (to treat) or a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation (CDE) of a client to be conducted by Shepherd Center, contact Heddi Silon, director of workers compensation, at 404-350-7312 or by email.

The Shepherd Center CDE questionnaire you can download below will allow you to convey information about your client. Please submit the completed form to Heddi Silon or fax it to 404-350-3145.

Download the CDE questionnaire.

What is a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE)?

A CDE is a comprehensive assessment of your client conducted by Shepherd Center. It may consist of the following:

  • Physiatry
  • Nursing
  • Upper-Extremity Treatment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Computer Needs Assessment
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Seating Evaluation
  • Radiology

A CDE can also include the potential for a consulting physician evaluation, such as urology, gastroenterology, or orthopedics.

The client would undergo medical diagnostics, intervention, treatment plan development, and therapy recommendations as determined by the team. This model serves:

  1. A person who has multiple unresolved issues or who has possibly been misdiagnosed.
  2. A person who has completed rehabilitation but has not been given an opportunity to work in a specialized setting with exposure to equipment improving quality of life.
  3. A person who has experienced a decline in functional ability.
  4. A person who requires specific evaluations to settle a medical/legal case.

What is Rehabilitation Upgrade Evaluation – CARE (Client-Centered Approach to Rehabilitation Evaluation)?

A Rehab Upgrade Evaluation is an assessment of your client conducted by Shepherd Center. This type of assessment is best for:

  • A person with a spinal cord injury or a brain injury – or both – who has participated in a rehabilitation program but is experiencing some medical setbacks. This person could be debilitated from that medical setback and may need a rehabilitation admission for the purpose of restoring a prior level of function.

  • A person who may be experiencing long-term effects of aging with a spinal cord injury. We are now seeing people who live more than 20-30 years post-injury. As they age, they may need a rehabilitation upgrade to establish different goals, reconfigure a bowel or bladder program, or obtain durable medical equipment that better meets their current needs.

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