Charges for Care at Shepherd Center

As a not-for-profit hospital, Shepherd Center does not have shareholders, and no funds flow to private individuals as might occur in a for-profit, shareholder or privately owned corporation. Rather, at Shepherd, all earnings flow back to the hospital, so we can provide more and better medical care for you and your family.

It is part of Shepherd Center’s mission to provide these services without regard for a patient’s ability to pay. We provide financial assistance in many forms, from working with patients and families on qualifying for Medicaid or Medicare, providing charity care, and providing substantial self-pay discounts to patients with the ability to pay, but having no insurance coverage.

The federal government requires all hospitals to provide a chargemaster, or list of charges for services and items for patients, in a “machine-readable format” (XML file). Shepherd Center’s list is available as downloadable file below.

However, it is important to note that charges by Shepherd Center, and other hospitals, evolve over time in response to varying and complex reimbursement methods and structures imposed by Medicare and Medicaid or negotiated with commercial insurers.  What Shepherd Center is ultimately paid varies greatly by payer and is significantly discounted from charges  listed on the downloadable file below. In many instances, Shepherd Center is paid a flat rate per day (a “per diem”) regardless of the charges or underlying cost of care. With Medicare, Medicaid and some commercial insurers, reimbursement doesn’t cover the cost of care.

Hospitals are also required to post a list of their Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs), a classification structure that both Medicare and Medicaid use to pay hospitals according to the patient’s severity of illness, intensity of treatment, length of stay and other variables.  Given the catastrophic injuries and illnesses of patients Shepherd Center treats and the extreme variability in their medical treatment needs, readers viewing the downloadable file below can see the large variance in Shepherd Center’s minimum charges, maximum charges and average charges incurred in the past year.

  • The downloadable DRG file in XML format is available here. (Right-click to save the page as the XML file.)
  • The downloadable chargemaster file in XML format is available here. (Right-click to save the page as the XML file.) Note that this list does not include services or items provided by physicians who work independently at Shepherd Center. This includes private practice physicians, radiologists and consulting physicians.

If you have questions, please contact one of Shepherd Center’s financial counselors at 404-350-7323.