Why Level 1 Rehabilitation® Care?

Shepherd Center specializes in medical treatment, research, and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord and brain injuries. This specialization provides distinctive clinical expertise and approaches to handling these complex injuries. The result is Level I Rehabilitation® care on par with state and national designations for trauma centers based on the depth and comprehensiveness of their services.

Trauma center levels range from Level I, for hospitals that offer the most resources to acutely injured patients, to Level V, for mostly rural facilities that assess these patients and then transfer them to higher-level trauma centers for acute care. Independent research shows that survival rates are higher in Level I trauma centers and a strong correlation exists between the volume of patients served and patient outcomes.

Similarly, Shepherd Center’s specialization – which allows us to treat a large volume of patients with spinal cord and brain injury – sets us apart from general rehabilitation facilities that cannot offer the same acute medical and comprehensive rehabilitation services we provide for these patients. Shepherd Center provides a full continuum of Level 1 Rehabilitation® services ranging from intensive care to inpatient rehabilitation to outpatient and lifelong wellness programs. These programs help patients achieve outcomes that make them as independent as possible and focus on a successful return to their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. 

Learn More About Shepherd Center's Patient Outcomes

Now, more than ever, trauma centers and healthcare consumers are seeking rehabilitation partners specializing in complex care. It’s this kind of Level I Rehabilitation® care that can help reduce the high percentage of hospital readmissions from rehabilitation settings. Shepherd Center stands ready to deliver excellent, specialized care that helps patients experience outcomes that consistently exceed national averages for people with spinal cord and brain injuries.