Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provides support and resources to clients who desire to return to work following injury or illness. Shepherd Center’s unique hospital-based VR program is donor-funded, and referral based. On average, this program serves 350 clients per year. Clients collaboratively work with VR counselors as they explore returning to productive activities (i.e., work, volunteering). 


VR counselors meet with clients to discuss vocational interests, strengths and weaknesses, employment history, employment goals, and more. This client-centered approach may result in job training, job placement, job referrals, and referrals to state vocational services. VR counselors also support clients’ development of self-advocacy for their medical, health, and wellness needs.

Vocational Services Include:

  • Return to work planning
  • Return to work documentation
  • Vocational assessment
  • Comprehensive vocational evaluation
  • Job site evaluation
  • Job readiness skills: resume writing, job search, and interview preparation
  • Referral to state Vocational Rehabilitation or other resources
  • Support transition from school to career

    Meet Our Staff

    Headshot of Zac Bradley

    Zac Bradley, MS, CRC, NCC, CVE

    Headshot of Kelle Froberg

    Kelle Froberg, MS, CRC, APC, CV

    Headshot of Laura McDowell

    Laura McDowell, MS, CRC, CVE

    Headshot of Alex Oliver

    Alex Toliver, MS, CRC

    Learn More about Vocational Rehabilitation

    To email a member of the vocational team, please contact us at VocationalServicesDepartment@Shepherd.org.

     Alternatively, you may call us:

    • For vocational questions related to Brain Injury, please call 404-603-1419 or 404-603-1416.
    • For vocational questions related to Complex Concussion or SHARE Military, please call 404-603-4326.
    • For vocational questions related to Multiple Sclerosis or Spinal Cord Injury, please call 404-350-7588.