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Injury Prevention Program

Community Safety Is Our Priority

Shepherd Center is as deeply committed to preventing traumatic injuries as we treat them. Traumatic injuries are a leading cause of death and disability for young people through middle age. However, most traumatic injuries we see are preventable. That's why we're dedicated to dramatically reducing risks and increasing protective factors to create a safer environment to prevent critical injuries from occurring through our injury prevention program.

Our Injury Prevention Programs

Developing evidence-based initiatives to educate health professionals, policymakers, employers, and the public on injury prevention to make our communities and each other safer is one of our core strengths. We collaborate with state and federal agencies, private and public health organizations, schools, and our patients and families. Below are some of our current injury prevention programs and resources.

Driving Safety App

Use our free teen driver safety training app to prepare young people for the road and tap into many other safe driving resources.

RESCUE Program

Create an effective response plan if you have physical and/or cognitive limitations that could put you at risk if an emergency arises.

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Science Curriculum

Designed for school systems, this three-week curriculum covers anatomy, careers in medicine and rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Contact us for more information.

Diving Injuries

Understand why there's no such thing as a "safe dive" and how you can stay safer in the water.

Electric Scooter Safety

Don't Bruise Your Peach! Our Scoot Safe program is your one-stop-shop for electric scooter tips, data, research, and resources.

Car Seat Safety Checks

We provide free car seat safety checks to the community to empower caregivers and reduce the risk of child-occupant injuries.

Bunk Bed Safety

Learn how safety rails save lives from bunk and loft bed falls in homes and college dorms.

Partner With Our Injury Prevention Program

Are you interested in creating an injury prevention program for safety awareness and injury prevention in your company, community, or school? Shepherd Center partners with many private and public organizations on injury prevention initiatives, including employee work safety programs, community safety initiatives, and elementary, middle, and high school injury prevention programs for students, teachers, and parents.

Let's Collaborate

Injury Prevention PSAs

There are many friends and supporters of Shepherd Center who want to help keep you safe and prevent the onset of any unnecessary injuries. Watch and share their stories with your community.