Beyond Therapy®

Beyond Therapy® is a rigorous, activity-based therapy program designed by Shepherd Center to help people with a variety of neurological disorders, including spinal cord injury and brain injury, improve their lifelong health, minimize secondary complications, and get the most out of any new neural links to their muscles.

The program is based on research suggesting the central nervous system is capable of synaptic plasticity and anatomical reorganization through “activity-based” therapy. This process is called neuroplasticity. Beyond Therapy® combines athletic training and physical therapy to promote health, wellness, and recovery.

Traditional therapy programs are designed to help patients become as independent as possible using compensatory strategies and training on how to care for themselves after discharge from the hospital. In contrast, Beyond Therapy focuses on promoting lifelong wellness and maximizing muscle and neural return through a program of intensive strengthening and motor-patterned activity by concentrating on weaker muscles and nerve connections that may have been ignored in the initial phases of recovery.

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Beyond Therapy Video

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