Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation at Shepherd Center

We recognize that driving is more than a skill — it's a gateway to independence

Driving is an integral aspect of daily living, providing freedom and independence. The ability to operate a vehicle empowers individuals to navigate their surroundings, commute to work or school, and engage in social activities. Recognizing the importance of driving independence, Shepherd Center's Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals with disabilities can learn, maintain, or regain this essential skill. 

Our commitment goes beyond getting you on the road. We offer comprehensive driving evaluations and personalized guidance, coupled with the latest and most technologically advanced driving systems, to enhance your driving skills and foster a renewed sense of self-sufficiency.
Let us be your partners in this journey towards a more mobile and fulfilling life. Your independence is our priority, and we're here to help you reclaim the driver's seat with confidence and care. 

Who does the Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program serve? 

Our Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program specializes in providing clinical evaluations and driving assessments to drivers and passengers who are 16 years of age and up with spinal cord injury, brain injury, and other neurological conditions, as well as patients who have cognition-related impairments, such as Alzheimer's or dementia, or other potential driving safety concerns. Some clients require adaptive vehicle equipment, while others are evaluated to drive a "regular vehicle" without equipment. A referral from a medical doctor is required for the driver evaluation. To learn more about how to begin the referral process, visit our Appointments and Referrals page.

Empowering Benefits of Shepherd Center's Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation 

When you choose to work with Shepherd Center for your driving evaluation and rehabilitation, you can expect a world of transformative benefits. Our specialized program is tailored to your unique needs so you can identify the adaptive driving equipment and training that is right for you.

  • Safety and Confidence: Through a meticulous driving evaluation, we can enhance your safety on the road, fostering confidence in your driving abilities.
  • Independence Redefined: Our program goes beyond the physical act of driving, aiming to restore a renewed sense of independence and autonomy and improve quality of life.
  • Adaptive Equipment: Benefit from a personalized approach to identify and integrate exact adaptive driving equipment to fit your unique needs.
  • Comfort and Functionality: Education on adaptive driving equipment ensures seamless integration, promoting comfort and functionality during your driving experience.

Whether regaining mobility or mastering adaptive equipment, our program supports you in reclaiming or staying in the driver’s seat with safety, comfort, and renewed enthusiasm for the road ahead.

 Driving Rehabilitation Services 

In Shepherd Center's Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program, our occupational therapists play a pivotal role in your journey to independent driving. A comprehensive driving evaluation and assessment ensures a tailored approach to your abilities and needs. Our experts guide you in selecting the most suitable vehicle and low and high-tech adaptive equipment, ensuring a seamless fit for your unique requirements. From skill assessments to personalized recommendations and training, our program is committed to empowering you with the confidence and skills to navigate the road safely and independently.

Learn More About Our Driving Rehabilitation Services

Occupational therapist and certified driver educator, Lakisha Gray, assists Egypt Lundy into her wheelchair as she exits the car following a driving practice session.

Ben Elstad shows off his wheelchair accessible pickup truck which includes batwing doors and a wheelchair lift.
Client Testimonial

I have quadriplegia, and I have limited use of my arms and hands, but I can still drive. I have the highest level of high-tech driving controls and use a joystick to drive.

Ben Elstad
Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program

A Team Approach to Driving Rehabilitation

You can do amazing things, and we'll strive to help you achieve them. Our specialized care team, comprising of highly trained, certified, and experienced driver specialists, takes the time to understand and diagnose your needs, crafting a personalized driving rehabilitation plan for you. We create a safe, caring, and welcoming environment for your journey, firmly believing in your ability to achieve remarkable things. Your dedicated care team may include a certified driver rehabilitation specialist, an occupational therapist, an assistive technology rehabilitation engineer, an assistive technology case manager, and vehicle modifiers, ensuring the best support for your journey toward improved driving.

Meet Our Driving Specialists

Inside view of a client learning to drive on an adaptive vehicle with a joystick to help control the steering wheel

Appointments and Referrals to the Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program

Shepherd Center provides driver evaluation, rehabilitation, and education as an integral component of its continuum of care, aimed at fostering greater independence for individuals with disabilities or injuries.  
Whether you are a new patient, an existing patient, or a referring provider, our team will work with you to develop your personalized driving rehabilitation and adaptative equipment plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program? Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the program, purchasing equipment, installing equipment, appointments, and more. 

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