Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic at Shepherd Center

Beyond restoring mobility — providing you with a renewed sense of independence and autonomy

The Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic at Shepherd Center is where your unique journey to enhanced mobility begins. Our dedicated interdisciplinary care team, comprised of highly trained professionals, recognizes that every person, body, and mobility device is unique. We specialize in complex rehabilitation technology, wheelchair seating, and mobility, ensuring a personalized approach to meet your distinct needs.

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the initial consultation — providing ongoing adjustments and support. We understand that wheelchair seating and mobility involve more than just the physical device; it's about your experience in the chair and your interaction with your home and community environments.

Prioritizing your comfort and functionality, we emphasize patient education, empowering you to make the most of your mobility solutions. Shepherd Center's Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic celebrates and enhances your uniqueness, fostering independence, autonomy, and confidence after a mobility setback.

Who does the Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic serve? 

The Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic welcomes individuals ages 12 and older who need a wheelchair, regardless of diagnosis. A referral from a medical professional is required for the initial evaluation, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to your unique mobility needs. To learn more about how to begin the referral process, visit our Appointments and Referrals page.

The Transformative Benefits of Wheelchair Seating and Fitting 

Wheelchair seating and fitting go beyond mere accommodations — they are pivotal in enhancing overall well-being ensuring individuals experience the highest quality of life and mobility. 

  • Personalized Comfort: Tailored wheelchair seating ensures optimal comfort, accommodating individual body contours and preferences.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Proper fitting maximizes the wheelchair's functionality, promoting ease of use and independence in daily activities. 
  • Improved Posture and Positioning: Customized seating addresses posture and positioning concerns, reducing the risk of discomfort, pain, and complications while improving breathing, swallowing, and musculoskeletal alignment. 
  • Increased Mobility: Proper seating positively impacts maneuverability, facilitating smoother and more efficient movement, including transfers.
  • Empowerment through Independence: Custom seating and fitting empower individuals, promoting independence and confidence in navigating their environment. 
  • Prevention of Pressure Sores: An optimally configured wheelchair improves pressure distribution and reduces the risk of pressure ulcers. Education regarding wheelchair weight shift techniques is also important for prevention.

Seating and Mobility Services 

Shepherd Center's Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic is your partner in personalized mobility solutions. From in-depth evaluations and custom fittings for first-time and experienced wheelchair users to ongoing modifications and consultations, we adapt to your changing needs. We use advanced pressure mapping technology to address pressure sores and offer precise prescriptions for wheelchair parts, collaborating with your suppliers. Our hands-on training and education in wheelchair skills empower you to navigate diverse environments with confidence.

Learn More About Our Seating and Mobility Services

A Shepherd Center patient discusses pressure mapping results with his pair of seating and mobility specialists.

 In her custom wheelchair, Liz Persaud stands at her front door, offering a warm smile.
Patient Testimonial

This is the first time I’ve had someone pay attention to my body and really listen to what I had to say. They just nailed it. My joystick is now incredibly customized because I don’t have a lot of hand strength, so when I have it in what I call ‘Liz mode,’ I know it’s highly sensitive and won’t take a lot for me to move it.

Liz Persaud
Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic

A Team Approach to Seating and Mobility

Our care is as unique as you are. Your specialized care team, comprising highly trained wheelchair seating specialists, takes the time to understand and design an individualized mobility plan. This happens in a safe, caring environment where we believe in your potential. Your dedicated care team at Shepherd Center can include a physical therapist, occupational therapist, assistive technology rehabilitation engineer, rehabilitation equipment specialist, and an assistive technology case manager tailored to your needs.

Meet Our Wheelchair Seating Specialists

A group of individuals in wheelchairs shares smiles with their therapists outdoors after completing a wheelchair skills clinic.

Appointments and Referrals to the Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic

Shepherd Center provides wheelchair seating and education as an integral component of its continuum of care, aimed at fostering greater independence for individuals with disabilities or injuries.  
Whether you are a new patient, an existing patient, or a referring provider, our team will work with you to develop your personalized seating and mobility plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic? Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the clinic, purchasing wheelchairs, repairing wheelchairs, and appointments.

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