Brain Damage Studies

Researchers at Shepherd Center conduct research and clinical trials to advance the understanding of brain injury. Our brain injury research findings help us to better treat our patients and improve outcomes.

Brain Injury Research Questions

  • What interventions lead to the best health and functional outcomes for people with traumatic brain injury?
  • Will medications help people with brain injury to participate more in their therapies and recover better?
  • Which bedside assessment scales are best for evaluating patients who have a disorder of consciousness?
  • What functional, psychological and social factors are most likely to place a client at risk for a poor rehabilitation outcome and/or difficulty transitioning home?
  • Can we better assess and predict which clients are high safety risks and need full-time supervision? What resources are needed in the first year after traumatic brain injury to maximize client return to the community and improve life quality?

Shepherd Center Brain Injury Research Program

Shepherd Center brain injury researchers are focused to answering the above questions, as well as others, to provide new insights that can improve treatment and outcomes for patients.

Research studies involve our patients, as well as their family members. Learn more about current research studies taking place at Shepherd Center. Then, if you’re interested in participating, take the first step in research participation by submitting an Intake Application Form.

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