Injury Prevention

Reduce Your Risk for Injury

Shepherd Center’s Injury Prevention Program spreads the word about risky behavior, hoping to prevent brain and spinal cord injuries.

Man teaches his teenage daughter how to drive


Learn about our free teen driver training app for parents.

Young woman in wheelchair speaks to audience

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Curriculum

Find out how our program can be a part of your school's curriculum.

Young woman uses safety rails for her bunkbed to prevent injury

Rail Against the Danger

Over 71,000 young people suffer injuries from bunk and loft beds each year. Learn how using a safety rail can save a life. 

Two girls in inflatable tubes jumping into swimming pool

Safe Diving

Even in familiar water, always remember to enter feet-first.

Group of diverse young women talking at a coffee shop

Community Resources

Download important resources or share your story to help spread the word about injury prevention.

Young woman checks her phone while driving a car

Distracted Driving

Help us curb distracted driving by following our tips.

University of Alabama football Coach Nick Saban gives a PSA about distracted driving

Injury Prevention PSAs

Watch our PSA video series, featuring stories from former patients and tips to stay safe on the road and in the water.