Outpatient Respiratory Services at Shepherd Center

Specialized outpatient support for diaphragm recovery after injury 

At Shepherd Center, we understand the ongoing challenges faced by individuals with spinal cord or brain injuries who have weaned off a ventilator or still depend on mechanical ventilation, either part-time or full-time. That’s why our commitment to your respiratory health doesn’t end when you leave inpatient rehabilitation.

Our outpatient respiratory services are tailored to those working towards diaphragm recovery after injury, providing comprehensive and personalized respiratory care in a convenient and supportive environment. From long-term respiratory health to tracheostomy management and diaphragmatic pacemaker programming, our compassionate respiratory experts are here to guide you on your journey to better breathing and an improved quality of life. 

Our Outpatient Respiratory Services

The Respiratory Therapy program uses a variety of treatments to address respiratory concerns and improve lung function. Your dedicated care team of respiratory therapists personalizes your treatment plan based on your individual respiratory needs, ensuring your respiratory health stays in top shape. Common outpatient services include: 

  • Follow-up appointments with the pulmonologist 
  • Annual checkups for ongoing respiratory health monitoring 
  • Tracheostomy changes 
  • Diaphragmatic pacemaker programming 
  • Lung volume recruitment 
  • Ventilator weaning 
  • Diaphragmatic pacemaker evaluations and surgeries 
  • Diaphragmatic pacemaker weaning 
  • Mouthpiece ventilation 
  • Pulmonary function testing 

Empowering Independent Breathing 

The Respiratory Therapy program at Shepherd Center is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way on your journey to breathing independently. We focus on closely monitoring, minimizing, and potentially eliminating the need for tracheostomies and ventilators. One unique option we offer is diaphragmatic pacemakers — a specialized treatment providing continuous ventilatory support for individuals relying on a ventilator or tracheostomy full-time. 

Learn More About Diaphragmatic Pacemakers

Former patient, Devin Bateman, smiles while sitting his wheelchair with his arms crossed.

Appointments and Referrals for Outpatient Respiratory Services

Located within Shepherd Center in Atlanta, our Respiratory Therapy program is specially designed to offer top-tier respiratory care and support for those dealing with traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries. This focus sets us apart from many rehabilitation hospitals. As a one-stop shop for complex respiratory care, patients can access the most comprehensive services, from a follow-up visit with the pulmonologist to pulmonary function testing, tracheostomy changes, diaphragmatic pacemaker programming, and more.

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