Adaptive Technology Consultation Services

Shepherd Center offers consultation services for adaptive technology, including:

Computer Access Clinic

The Computer Access Clinic at Shepherd Center helps people with disabilities customize a computer system to suit their needs for home. Therapists evaluate the needs of individuals and prescribe solutions, such as keyboard modifications, switches, voice-activation, and headpointing and remote-control devices. Financial concerns and insurance are also taken into account in order to determine the best equipment for each individual.

Environmental Controls Clinic

The Environmental Control Clinic at Shepherd Center helps people with disabilities gain more independence through technology that controls our home and work surroundings. Our experts provide information and recommendations on:

  • Attendant call systems
  • Telephone communication
  • On/off control of lamps, ceiling lights, ceiling fans and other appliances
  • Remote control of televisions, video recorders,
  • DVDs and stereo amplifiers
  • Automatic door openers
  • Lap trays

Shepherd Center occupational therapists evaluate each user's lifestyle requirements and functional abilities, then provide custom modifications to hardware, software, electronics and other appliances so that users can live safely and function productively.

Shepherd has a large inventory of switches, environmental control devices and systems for evaluation and trial use, and can consult with durable medical equipment specialists to determine financial options that may cover equipment costs.

For more information about adaptive technology consultations, please contact