Telehealth Services from Shepherd Center

Shepherd Center now offers medical, psychology, and some types of rehabilitation visits via telehealth for outpatients in the hospital’s Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute; Dean Stroud Shepherd Spine and Pain Institute; Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic; Complex Concussion Clinic; Shepherd Pathways; and the SHARE Military Initiative.

Telehealth visits make it possible for medical providers and patients alike to virtually see and hear each other, providing better interaction and enhancing care.

Using ExamMed’s HIPAA-compliant platform, Shepherd Center’s outpatient medical providers are continuing to serve current outpatients while capacity is limited in the hospital’s outpatient services to minimize exposure to and spread of COVID-19.

For more information, see the ExamMed instructions for launching a session and review the Telehealth consent agreement.

Servicios de telesalud de Shepherd Center

Telehealth Appointment Preparation Instructions

In preparation for your upcoming new patient telehealth session, please click each of the three links below to review important information prior to your telehealth session:

ExamMed Instructions: Shepherd Center uses a technology platform called ExamMed to facilitate our telehealth sessions. To attend the telehealth session, you will need a device with both audio and video capabilities. Supported devices include an Apple iPhone or iPad, an Android smartphone or tablet, or a Windows or MacOS desktop or laptop. 

Ten minutes prior to your telehealth session, you will receive an email or text from ExamMed containing a unique link for your specific session. No user ID or password will be required. Please make sure you are in a quiet and safe environment for your telehealth appointment. For example, a quiet room in your home or office, not in your car or a busy/noisy public space. Please click here to review setup instructions for ExamMed in advance of your telehealth session.

Telehealth Consent: At the beginning of every new patient telehealth session, Shepherd Center must obtain consent to use our telehealth platform. For minors and/or those with a legal representative, a parent or guardian must present the patient for telehealth services and agree to the terms of our Telehealth Consent unless otherwise exempted by state or federal law. The parent or guardian does not need to attend all of the telehealth session unless attendance is therapeutically appropriate, but must be present at the beginning of the telehealth session to provide consent for the telehealth session. Please click here to review Shepherd Center’s Telehealth Consent in advance of your telehealth session.

Notice of Privacy Practices: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) directs health care providers, payers, and other healthcare entities to develop policies and procedures to ensure the security, integrity, privacy and authenticity of health information, and to safeguard access to and disclosure of health information. The federal government has privacy rules that require that we provide you with information on how we might use or disclose your identifiable health information. We are required by the federal government to give you our Notice of Privacy Practices. Please click here to review Shepherd Center’s Notice of Privacy Practices in advance of your telehealth session.

Thank you for reviewing each of these three documents in preparation for your upcoming new patient telehealth session.