Evaluations and Services at the Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic

Personalized evaluation, assessment, therapy, and mobility planning

At Shepherd Center, our Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic goes beyond traditional care, offering comprehensive services prioritizing individual needs, comfort, and independence. Our team of therapists and specialists are dedicated to supporting you at every stage of your mobility journey, ensuring you receive the most effective and personalized care available. 
Whether you seek initial assessments, modifications, or educational support, our clinic is committed to delivering a holistic and individualized approach to elevate your mobility experience. 
Please note that while we work closely with suppliers and write prescriptions for parts and pieces, we do not purchase wheelchairs or parts directly through Shepherd Center. We can provide guidance on mobility equipment and tips on working with suppliers for your purchases. 

Our Seating and Mobility Services

Evaluation for First-Time and Current Wheelchair Users

  • Initial assessments for individuals new to wheelchair use, ensuring a tailored approach to meet unique mobility needs. 
  • Evaluation of current wheelchair usage, identification of issues, and mobility planning for adjustments. 
  • In-depth consultations to understand individual requirements, lifestyle, and preferences. 

Assessment for Changing Mobility Devices

  • Evaluation for individuals considering transitioning from manual to power chairs or vice versa. 
  • In-depth consultations to determine the most suitable mobility device based on lifestyle, mobility goals, and medical considerations. 

Fittings for Custom Manual and Power Wheelchairs

  • Custom fittings for wheelchairs, considering individual body contours, ensuring comfort, pressure distribution, and maximizing functionality. 
  • Trial and fitting of equipment, including manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, power assist add-ons, and more. 

Modifications and Adjustments to Current Equipment

  • Ongoing modifications and adjustments to existing equipment to address evolving needs and ensure continued comfort and functionality.

Pressure Mapping Assessment on Cushion Due to Wounds

  • Utilization of pressure mapping technology to assess and prevent pressure sores. 
  • Customized wheelchair cushion recommendations to address specific needs and ensure optimal pressure distribution. 

Prescriptions for New Wheelchairs or Replacement Pieces (Fulfilled by Supplier)

  • Issuance of detailed prescriptions for new wheelchairs or replacement parts and pieces. 
  • Coordination with reliable suppliers to fulfill prescription needs, ensuring the longevity and reliability of mobility equipment. 

Support and Evaluation for Positioning Concerns

  • Specialized assessments and support for individuals experiencing posture changes and asymmetries.
  • Evaluation of seating and positioning needs to address comfort, improve musculoskeletal alignment, prevent complications, and enhance overall well-being.

Training in the Use of Mobility Devices (Wheelchair Skills Training)

  • Personalized training sessions focusing on mastering essential wheelchair skills. 
  • Empowering individuals with the knowledge and confidence to navigate various environments independently. 

Education on Mobility Devices and Maintenance

  • Informative sessions provide insights into different mobility devices available. 
  • Education on proper maintenance procedures to enhance the longevity and performance of mobility equipment. 

Maintenance of How the Person is Using the Chair

  • Ongoing support and guidance to ensure proper use and maintenance of the wheelchair. 
  • Regular follow-ups to address any concerns, make necessary adjustments, and optimize the overall user experience. 

Your Specialized Care Team

Imagine having a team of experts focused on your unique needs, collaborating to give you a renewed sense of independence and autonomy. At Shepherd Center, that's precisely what you can expect. Your interdisciplinary care team comprises professionals with specialized knowledge in wheelchair seating, fitting, and mobility. They work together seamlessly to provide the most comprehensive and personalized care possible. 

Meet Our Wheelchair Seating Specialists

A patient at Shepherd Center consults with wheelchair specialists during a personalized wheelchair evaluation session.

Appointments and Referrals to the Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic

Shepherd Center provides wheelchair seating and education as an integral component of its continuum of care, aimed at fostering greater independence for individuals with disabilities or injuries.  
Whether you are a new patient, an existing patient, or a referring provider, our team will work with you to develop your personalized seating and mobility plan.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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