Seating and Wheelchair Clinic

The seating and wheelchair clinic at Shepherd Center offers people with disabilities a variety of seating and mobility services. Therapists are available to help people make decisions about seating and mobility devices which best address their needs to perform activities of daily living. Prior to your seating clinic appointment, you will be contacted regarding the selection of a Durable Medical Equipment  (DME) supplier. This is a company that sells wheelchairs and other medical equipment.  The seating clinic staff will inform your supplier of your appointment time and date. Shepherd Center does not provide or sell any equipment. Your supplier will be present at your evaluation and work with the seating clinic staff to present equipment options. In addition, your supplier can answer your questions regarding funding, delivery and service of your custom equipment.

Once your equipment is approved, it is strongly recommended that you return to the Seating Clinic for delivery and fitting of your equipment. This service will ensure that the prescribed equipment was provided, that the fit is appropriate, and that the wheelchair and seating system were adjusted to maximize function and postural support.

We strongly recommend that you make yearly appointments with your supplier to maintain your equipment so that it remains safe and operational for years.

Services Provided

A therapist will perform one or more of the following evaluations to address each person's specific needs:

A Posture Evaluation will be performed to determine the flexibility of postural impairments. From there, we will recommend appropriate seating system options to address balance and improve posture. Measurements are also taken to make the wheelchair and seating system fit the individual.

A Wheelchair Evaluation is performed to determine the most efficient and functional means  of mobility. Shepherd Center has a variety of manual and power wheelchairs from most manufacturers available for trial. Shepherd Center has a large variety of control systems that can be set up on a power wheelchair for evaluation and training someone to drive a power wheelchair. A functional evaluation will help to identify equipment that will allow each person the highest level of independence in transfers, weight shifts, and daily activities. 

A Pressure Mapping Evaluation is performed to determine the most appropriate wheelchair cushion and back rest to maximize pressure distribution. This mapping system is an educational and assessment tool used to identify the areas of highest risk for skin breakdown and aids in the selection of a cushion and seating system to effectively redistribute pressures for each individual.

Wheelchair Training to optimize function in multiple environments. We have access to a terrain garden to simulate obstacles frequently encountered in a person’s typical environment. Options include grass, gravel, sloped sidewalks, curb cuts, and multiple height curbs.

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All patients must have a current physician referral to be seen in the Seating Clinic.

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