How to Choose A Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Facility

Choosing a spinal cord injury rehabilitation facility is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in the near future. It is important to be confident about the quality of care you or a loved one will receive when entering a rehabilitation program.

All spinal cord injury rehabilitation programs have features that can be evaluated, regardless of your prior knowledge of rehabilitation or catastrophic injury. The final decision will ultimately depend upon individual circumstances, such as insurance and location.

What Questions Should I Ask?

Shepherd Center provides a list of questions you may want to ask as you research facilities. Download the list of questions (PDF) and use the list when you contact other rehabilitation programs.

In general, it is best to compare at least three rehabilitation programs to make an informed decision on the best facility for your loved one.

Listen to our podcast interview with Shepherd Center Medical Director Emeritus Donald P. Leslie, M.D., as he discusses how to choose a rehabilitation facility.

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