Your Privacy

Upon admission, each new patient at Shepherd Center is assigned a four-digit identification code to help manage his or her privacy and safety.

Patients and families should share the four-digit code only with the people whom they approve to receive in-depth information about the patient. It is the responsibility of the patient/family to make those people aware of the four-digit code required to receive information.

The code must be presented to Shepherd Center staff to receive additional information about the patient via phone or in person, other than what Shepherd Center can legally divulge, which includes your name, condition, location in the hospital and religious affiliation.

People calling with this code will be recognized as approved by the patient/family to have information shared with them. This code is given to the patient, as well as one family member selected by the patient.

If the patient is a minor, the code is given to the accompanying parent. If the patient is incapacitated, the code is given to the nearest relative accompanying the patient at admission.