Why Work at Shepherd Center?

A Diversified Workplace
Whether you're a recent graduate just beginning your career or an experienced professional looking for a challenge, Shepherd Center offers a spectrum of rewarding job opportunities in the clinical and non-clinical setting.

Attractive Compensation Package
Shepherd Center is an attractive employer, especially when considering the total compensation package. Benefits: fair salary, excellent medical/dental coverage, flexible work arrangements, safe/healthy workplace, numerous types of leave, etc.

Opportunities for Advancement
There is a major potential for growth at Shepherd Center. A significant portion of Shepherd Center employees will retire within the next decade. This opens up opportunities for talented individuals to advance within the organization.

Helping People as part of a Model System
Shepherd Center is designated by the federal government as a "Model System" of care. That means that rehabilitation centers across the nation look to Shepherd Center to set the standard in rehabilitation care and research.

Opportunities for Continued Learning
The opportunity to learn is key to personal satisfaction at work. Shepherd Center offers you access to a variety of learning opportunities. You'll find experiences and programs that will encourage learning and help you in the building of a successful career.

Opportunities for Training
We offer courses in the latest technology, in communication and interpersonal skills, in developing and encouraging sensitivity to people with disabilities, in management - a vast range of learning possibilities, all aimed at increasing your employability. On-the-job training, in the form of coaching or mentoring, regular feedback from your manager, conferences and workshops are other means by which you can continue your development at Shepherd Center.