Day Program at Shepherd Pathways

Shepherd Center's Day Program enables patients with brain injury who no longer need 24-hour nursing care to continue their recovery and rehabilitation.

Shepherd Center's Day Program takes place at Shepherd Pathways, a nearby facility in Decatur, Ga., and includes treatment rooms, two large therapy gyms, a computer lab, outdoor sports equipment and putting green for recreational and leisure activities.

How Does the Day Program Assist in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Process?

Whether they are living alone or with family, patients in the day program arrive each day to participate in facility-based training and re-integration training into the community.

Patients and their therapists organize activities like grocery shopping, accessing transportation, dining out at local restaurants, and pre-vocational and vocational assessment and counseling to help patients make a smooth transition to their communities, school or work.

Shepherd Center housing for patients in the day program is limited and patients must live more than 60 miles from the Center to be considered for housing. Please discuss predetermined limits with your case manager.

Download our Pathways Traumatic Brain Injury Scorecard.

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