Neurorehabilitation Psychology Department

The Neurorehabilitation Psychology Department at Shepherd Center is a comprehensive department that is staffed by a variety of Mental Health Professionals, including:

  • Neuropsychologists,
  • Rehabilitation Psychologists
  • Behavioral Health and Pain Psychologists
  • Mental Health Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Neurorehabilitation Psychology Fellows
  • Psychometrists

These professionals are located on all services at Shepherd Center, both inpatient and outpatient. Therefore there are psychology staff members on all units and services within Shepherd, including:

  • Inpatient units (SCI, ABI, Neurosurgery &  Medical Surgical Units)
  • Day programs (SCI, ABI, & SHARE-military program)
  • Individual evaluations and interventions in various clinics throughout the Center (Shepherd Pathways, Spine and Pain Institute, Multiple Sclerosis Institute, Multispecialty Clinic)

As a whole, the Department staff offers neurorehabilitation psychological services during each phase of the rehabilitation process, from inpatient à acute outpatient  à longer term treatment annual follow-ups, including comprehensive evaluations. These interventions address emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and pain issues that can accompany the catastrophic injuries/illnesses treated here at the Shepherd Center. 

Treatments can range from:

  • Neuropsychological Testing – evaluates a person’s cognitive functioning in a wide range of domains such as memory, attention, language, processing speed, and problem-solving skills and related these finding to the individual’s functionality and behavior in order to create a treatment plan to improve or compensate for the cognitive changes
  • Psychological counseling to facilitate adjustment to injury/illness. Addressing adjustment issues early and at every phase leads to improved outcomes providing key elements for successful reintegration into one’s life.  
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Health and Behavior counseling (includes pain, sleep, fatigue, emotional dsyregulation) - understand medical conditions and provide strategies on how to make behavior changes to improve life satisfaction
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Psychosocial training and education to patients and families

The Neurorehabilitation Psychology staff use integrative models that work within Shepherd’s deeply committed interdisciplinary teams. The philosophy of both the Department and Shepherd Center is that the neurorehabilitation psychology staff are active members of the rehabilitation team. This allows for more direct and immediate communication about patients rather than a consultation model used by many hospital and rehabilitation centers.

The Neurorehabilitation Psychology Department provide interventions related to psychological, and more importantly, adjustment issues post injury. This occurs by helping patients and their family (and often many involved friends) to understand and learn to accommodate the short and long changes related to the injury/illness/disease that were are treating. The goal of interventions delivered by any professional in this Department is to facilitate success in acute and long term rehabilitation, so that patients and their loved ones can achieve the highest degree of independence and adaptation following these life changing injuries and illnesses and to lead fulfilling, meaningful, and functionally effective lives.