Three images: Patient practices golf drive with support of recreation therapist; Patient gets measured for his customized wheelchair by an assistive technology professional; Patient practices cooking for the first time since his spinal cord injury in Shepherd's adaptive kitchen

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services at Shepherd Center

Personalized services to support your unique rehabilitation journey

Recovery after a complex injury or illness is not a one-size-fits-all process and often extends beyond physical rehabilitation. At Shepherd Center, we recognize this uniqueness, providing a comprehensive range of patient services designed to complement every phase of your rehabilitation journey.

From your initial inpatient care through your transition into outpatient settings and beyond, our specialized services are available to you throughout your continuum of care, helping you to reclaim independence, rediscover interests, and redefine the boundaries of what's possible on your extraordinary journey to recovery.

Shepherd Center's Comprehensive Patient Services

Center for Assistive Technologies

Personalized assistive technology recommendations to make it easier to complete daily tasks and improve the quality of your life.

Beyond Therapy®

A rigorous, activity-based therapy program to help promote lifelong health, wellness, and recovery through athletic training and physical therapy.

Driving Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Evaluation, understanding, and use of transportation options after experiencing a loss in mobility.

Facility Dog Program

Reach therapy goals through the support and companionship of our facility dogs.

Peer Support

Connect with others who share similar experiences to gain valuable emotional support and insights.

ProMotion Fitness Center

Improve fitness through classes, personalized programs, private lessons, and personal training.

Shepherd Step

Take part in specialized therapy programs to restore mobility and improve gait and balance.

Sports and Rec Therapy

Engage in tailored activities to improve self-esteem, relieve stress, and increase mobility.

Transition Support

Assistance for both patients and families with returning to life after rehabilitation.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Access services to assist with returning to work following an injury or illness.

Wheelchair Seating & Mobility

Make personalized decisions about seating and mobility devices to meet your lifestyle goals.