Three images: Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic patient works with his therapy teams on walking with the assistance of the Lokomat, lead exercise physiologist works with patient in Beyond Therapy, and three MS patients hold inflated core balls while participating in physical therapy with their therapist

Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation and Services at Shepherd Center

Empowering recovery and enhancing well-being for complex injuries and conditions

At Shepherd Center, we understand that recovery from complex injuries and conditions requires exceptional care and unwavering support. That's why we offer a range of specialized outpatient clinics and comprehensive services designed to help you achieve optimal recovery while prioritizing your overall well-being.

Our outpatient clinics are staffed by a compassionate and highly skilled team dedicated to tailoring personalized care plans that address your specific needs. Whether you're dealing with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, complex concussions, multiple sclerosis, or other complex conditions, our specialists are here to guide you every step of the way.

In addition to our outpatient clinics, we also offer a variety of outpatient services to support your rehabilitation journey. These services include state-of-the-art imaging facilities for accurate diagnosis, telehealth options for virtual follow-ups, vocational rehabilitation programs to assist with returning to work, and much more.

Shepherd Center's Specialized Outpatient Clinics

Brain Injury

Continued care and treatment options tailored to individuals recovering from acquired brain injuries, providing ongoing rehabilitation, assessment, and therapeutic intervention.

Chronic Pain

Comprehensive chronic pain management through a multidimensional approach, integrating medical interventions, therapies, and behavioral strategies for improved quality of life.

Complex Concussion

Dedicated evaluation, treatment, and support for adolescents and adults with complex concussions, focusing on a return to work, school, athletics, leisure, and daily activities.

Military and First Responders

Tailored care and support for military veterans, service members, and first responders with brain injury and related physical and psychological health concerns.

Multiple Sclerosis

Comprehensive care designed to address the diverse needs of individuals with multiple sclerosis, with a strong focus on promoting mobility, function, and overall well-being.

Rehabilitation Medicine

A one-stop shop for the outpatient management of medical conditions following a complex injury or illness.

Spinal Cord Injury

Continued recovery and rehabilitation services for individuals with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions.

Upper Extremity

Expert evaluation, therapy, and interventions for individuals with limited arm, wrists, and hands function due to spinal cord and brain injuries.


Specialized care for addressing issues and problems with a neurogenic bladder related to spinal cord injuries and other neurological injuries.

Shepherd Center's Comprehensive Outpatient Services

Assistive Technology Center

Personalized seating and driving evaluations and adaptive technology recommendations to enhance independence and quality of life.

Beyond Therapy®

A rigorous, activity-based therapy program to help promote health, wellness, and recovery.

Patient smiles as he discusses his care plan with his case manager at Shepherd Center

Case Management

Receive personalized support and coordination of services to navigate your outpatient care with ease.

Diaphragm Pacing System

Benefit from advanced medical technology that assists with breathing and improves respiratory function.

Two care providers examine imaging scans of skull on a computer as part of imaging services


Highly trained local radiologists providing 24-hour report turnaround time for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment planning.

Locomotor Training

Take part in specialized therapy programs to restore mobility and improve gait and balance.


Receive comprehensive evaluations and therapy to address cognitive and emotional challenges.

Peer and Transition Support

Connect with others who have similar experiences to gain valuable emotional support and insights.

Sports and Rec Therapy

Engage in tailored activities to improve self-esteem, relieve stress, and increase mobility.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Access services to assist with returning to work following an injury or illness.

Telehealth Services

Benefit from virtual follow-ups for convenient healthcare support.