What to Expect as a Pharmacy Resident at Shepherd Center

What do pharmacists do in residency?

Shepherd Center is deeply committed to the training of future pharmacists from a culturally competent framework and fostering an environment that is highly sensitive to and appreciative of all aspects of diversity. The culture at Shepherd Center is fueled by progress, inclusiveness, and human connection, uniting individuals from all walks of life. As a Shepherd fellow, you’ll be part of a supportive community dedicated to individual growth and success.

To get a clearer understanding of what pharmacists do in residency, explore some things that make Shepherd Center a special place to be a part of:

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and training from highly specialized staff.
  • Exposure to lifelong learning, leadership, and professional development philosophies.
  • A commitment to building a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • A highly recommended employer based on Glassdoor and Indeed reviews.
  • Over a decade of recognition for exceptional expertise and quality care as one of the nation’s top hospitals for rehabilitation by U.S. News.

To learn more, our residents share their top takeaways from the pharmacy program.

Meet Our 2023-2024 Pharmacy Resident

Learn what to expect as a pharmacy resident by hearing first-hand from some of our recent pharmacy residents who are eager to share why they chose Shepherd Center.

Growing the Heart of Shepherd

Expanding upon its nearly 50-year history as the world’s premier rehabilitation destination, Shepherd Center has launched its Pursuing Possible campaign to expand the footprint, facilities, and services available to our patients and families. The campaign will also help expand assistive technology and research programs, leveraging artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to improve clinical outcomes and aiding in the recruitment and growth of outside talent.

Learn More about Pursuing Possible

Watercolor rendering of Shepherd Center patients receiving care at a newly renovated Marcus Woodruff Building

Former PGY1 Pharmacy Residents

Kristina Carbone, Pharm D 
Mercer University College of Pharmacy 

Julie Parker, PharmD, MSHI 
Mercer University College of Pharmacy 

India Dillard, PharmD
Mercer University College of Pharmacy

Karishma Patel, PharmD
Mercer University College of Pharmacy

Living in Atlanta

Shepherd Center sits five miles north of downtown Atlanta in the Buckhead community. With a population of approximately 5.9 million, the Atlanta metropolitan area manages to be urban while retaining southern charm and hospitality. The city offers numerous entertainment and cultural attractions, boasting many sports teams, museums, professional theater, a symphony, and ballet. Atlanta is also the location of at least three medical schools and 12 colleges and universities.

Discover Atlanta

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