Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Recovery

A full continuum of care for people who have experienced a brain injury

Shepherd Center's Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program offers a full continuum of services to treat people who have experienced a traumatic or non-traumatic brain injury, including a stroke.

Our programs are designed to treat specific conditions, such as disorders of consciousness and specific age groups, such as our adolescent program. Additionally, Shepherd Center has a 10-bed ICU, allowing our specialists to treat patients with complex brain injuries and address secondary complications resulting from the injury.

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Learn about Brain Injury

Learn about brain injury and rehabilitationA brain injury is often associated with a blow to the head, which is called a traumatic brain injury. However, a lack of oxygen to the brain can also result in a brain injury. Learn more about brain injury:

About Shepherd Center Brain Injury Program

Learn about our brain injury rehabilitation programsU.S. News & World Report ranks Shepherd Center among the top 10 rehabilitation hospitals in the nation. Learn about our brain injury program and our outcomes:

Shepherd Center Brain Injury Programs

Learn about brain injury rehabilitation programsShepherd Center provides a variety of programs that are tailored to individual needs for the best possible recovery. Learn about our brain injury programs: