Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Traumatic Brain Injury Programs at Shepherd Center

Shepherd Center strives to offer comprehensive rehabilitation to optimize the road to recovery for people who have had a brain injury. Thus, we provide a variety of programs that are tailored to individual needs and case-by-case requirements for the best possible recovery.

Inpatient Brain Injury Recovery Program

Our 58-bed, secured care units are home to a program that treats not only brain injury but also patients with stroke and diagnoses including tumors, encephalitis and anoxia. We also have specialized programs for adolescents recovering from brain injury.

Disorders of Consciousness Program

Shepherd Center's Disorders of Consciousness (DOC) Program provides a short-term three-to-five-week program for patients who are semi-comatose or minimally conscious. In this program, patients receive one and a half hours of therapy daily.

Adolescent Brain Injury Program

Adolescents differ from adults who have sustained a brain injury. This program treats adolescents who sustain a brain injury by meeting their developmental and emotional therapy needs.

Brain Injury Day Program

Shepherd Center's Day Program continues recovery and rehabilitation for patients with brain injury who no longer need 24-hour nursing care.

Residential Brain Injury Program

Shepherd Center’s post-acute program includes a residential component in a local community setting for people with brain injury who have completed their inpatient program and are ready to live in the community, but still need 24-hour support.