Stroke Rehabilitation

Inpatient and Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Treatment

No one expects stroke to happen, especially in young adults. But when it does, Shepherd Center is more prepared to treat it than any other place in the nation. In fact, we specialize in stroke rehabilitation for people who may be in college, raising a family or in the prime of their career. This is why we provide a full continuum of services – from inpatient rehabilitation to outpatient care. And with Shepherd Center’s talented staff, comprehensive treatment plans and expertise in treating young strokes, patients get their best chance for returning to what they love to do.

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Why Shepherd Center Is One of The Top Stroke Centers

Shepherd Center’s stroke rehabilitation program for people age 12 and above who have experienced a stroke focuses on helping people relearn skills that are lost when part of the brain is injured. Shepherd Center’s stroke rehabilitation program also places emphasis on recovery and treatment for young stroke patients.

The stroke treatment and rehab program also provides education and training for their  patient's families. Staff members develop individualized blueprints for each patient’s stroke rehabilitation program, tapping into advanced medical care and comprehensive educational services.

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