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Comprehensive Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery

No one expects a stroke to happen, especially in young adults. But when the unexpected happens, Shepherd Center's nationally ranked stroke rehabilitation and treatment program is ready to provide comprehensive services.

Our medical professionals specialize in stroke rehabilitation for young adults – those in high school or college – or people raising a family or in the midst of their career. Shepherd Center stroke physicians take an integrated approach to care and design rehabilitation for stroke patients by involving you and your loved ones in decision-making and setting recovery goals.

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With Shepherd Center's full continuum of services and specialized clinical staff, patients get their best chance for returning to what they love to do. Our stroke patients' functional gains and return-to-home rates consistently exceed national averages at other stroke rehabilitation centers.

Call our Admissions Department at 404-350-7345 to initiate a referral to Shepherd Center.

Why Choose Shepherd Center for Stroke Recovery?

A Top Stroke Rehabilitation Hospital

For over a decade, Shepherd Center has been recognized for its exceptional expertise and quality care as one of the nation’s top hospitals for stroke rehabilitation by U.S. News. Our stroke rehabilitation and recovery center focuses on individualized and specialized services, including treatment for young stroke patients in the prime of their lives. As part of our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, each patient is assigned to a multidisciplinary treatment team. With the patient and family's involvement, these healthcare providers collaborate to deliver expert clinical care for the best possible stroke rehabilitation outcome.

Goals and Outcomes

Learn about our stroke rehabilitation patient outcomes that consistently exceed national averages.

Patient Stories of Hope

View first-hand accounts of stroke rehabilitation and recovery from former patients in our Patient Stories of Hope series.

Physician Profiles

View our Physician Profiles to meet some of our incredible medical team who care for our patients at Shepherd Center.

Learn About Strokes, Stroke Rehabilitation and Care

A stroke, commonly known as a “brain attack,” occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts (or ruptures). Learn more about strokes:

Stroke Rehabilitation Center Contacts

As an extension of our inpatient stroke rehabilitation program, Shepherd Pathways is a full-day program that continues rehabilitation and stroke recovery therapy for patients who no longer require 24-hour nursing care. To find out more about inpatient rehab for stroke or our full-day program, please contact us.

Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Center

Shepherd Pathways: Full-Day Program

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