Why Choose Our Stroke Recovery Center?

Shepherd Center: A Top 10 Stroke Rehabilitation Hospital

For over a decade, Shepherd Center has consistently been ranked as a top stroke rehabilitation hospital by U.S. News. Our stroke rehabilitation and recovery program focuses on individualized and specialized stroke therapy services, including treatment for young stroke patients in the prime of their lives.

As part of our Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, each patient is assigned to a multidisciplinary treatment team. With the patient and family's involvement, these healthcare providers collaborate to deliver expert clinical care.

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Testimonials from Stroke Recovery Center Patients

Former Shepherd Center stroke patient Roger BrathwaiteAmelia Holley, Seth Dickinson and Roger Brathwaite share their stroke rehabilitation and recovery stories in this "Dreaming Big After Stroke" feature article. READ MORE
Teacher and former stroke patient Michelle PfeiffeMichelle Pfeiffe's rehabilitation and recovery required physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapy. Learn how person-centered stroke recovery therapy helped this teacher return to the classroom and resume her active lifestyle. READ MORE

Teacher and former stroke patient Haley HammockFor Haley Hammock, recovering from a stroke forced her to relearn everything. The second grade teacher – who has a master’s degree in early childhood education – had to relearn how to read, walk, speak and eat. Today, thanks to rehabilitation plans designed by specialists at our stroke recovery center, she can do all that and more. READ MORE

Inpatient Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation at Shepherd Center

Shepherd Center’s inpatient program utilizes an individualized approach to care and involves both the patient and his or her family to reach stroke recovery goals. Learn about our person-centered care and services, as well as our goals and outcomes, as you consider a stroke recovery center for yourself or a loved one. Browse our educational resources to learn more about strokes.

Stroke Rehabilitation Contacts

As a continuation to our inpatient stroke rehabilitation program, Shepherd Pathways is a full-day program that continues rehabilitation and stroke recovery therapy for patients who no longer require 24-hour nursing care. To find out more, please contact us.

Stroke Rehabilitation - Inpatient

Shepherd Pathways - Day Program

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