Stroke Resources and Patient Education

Stroke Information for Patients and Families

Shepherd Center has created a variety of resources about stroke awareness and learning to manage life after stroke. Explore and share these stroke resources for patients and families, including stroke cards, PDFs, articles and a stroke infographic.

Explore Our Website for Stroke Information

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Find useful information and stroke resources, including videos and e-books, categorized by condition on our educational website, Categories include stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis.

Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

Our BE FAST card educates readers about the signs of stroke. Look for stroke symptoms using the FAST acronym and call 911 immediately to reduce the chances of long-term disability.

Stroke Education: Lifestyle Modifications

Living with Stroke ebook cover

Our booklet Living with Stroke: Strategies to Live a Healthy Life provides useful information for making lifestyle changes to prevent a second stroke. Download the Living with a Stroke PDF to learn more.

Stroke Awareness and Prevention

Stroke Awareness infographic

Our stroke awareness infographic presents some facts you need to know about stroke prevention and provides details on stroke risk factors you can control. Controllable risk factors for stroke include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, tobacco use and physical inactivity.

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Shepherd Newsroom website screenshotStroke-related news and feature articles are available at Content includes educational stroke articles, photos, videos, podcasts, infographics and PDF downloads. Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter to keep informed of the latest developments in stroke rehabilitation care.

Shepherd Radio Podcasts

Our podcast is a series of audio stories and conversations dedicated to documenting stroke education, resources and information for stroke survivors and families. Find more stroke information, including awareness, symptoms and rehabilitation tips for recovery.

  • Stroke: Recognizing Symptoms is Vital to Recovery
    A Shepherd Center physician discusses stroke information, including why recognizing symptoms can be vital to recovery. He also addresses some therapies and treatments that are typically used in rehabilitation.

  • Stroke Education Can Help Prevent Additional Strokes in Patients
    Clinical nurse specialist Tiffany LeCroy discusses stroke education for Shepherd Center patients undergoing rehabilitation, including stroke awareness, prevention and how to manage life after a stroke.

  • Stroke Awareness, Prevention and Rehabilitation
    Shepherd Center physician Ford Vox, M.D., explains the hospital's goal — to give patients their best chance for returning to what they love to do. Listen to this podcast to learn more about the symptoms of stroke, how to prevent it and how Shepherd Center approaches patient recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Living a Healthy Life After Stroke
    Studies show that having a stroke increases risk for having a second stroke. In this podcast, Payal Fadia, M.D., discusses how to live a healthier life after you've had a stroke.

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