Shepherd Center Chaplain Services

The Chaplain Services Department seeks to honor the needs of each individual by providing a spiritual support system to the community of Shepherd Center in a sensitive and timely manner, while honoring the multicultural and religious diversity of patients, families and staff.

Catastrophic injury brings unexpected changes that call upon one to explore a new relationship with life. The question is where does one begin such a journey and to whom can one turn to along the way?

At Shepherd Center we are sensitive to these concerns. We understand that all aspects of individual care need attention in moments such as this. Chaplain Services exists to respond to these needs.

The Role of Chaplains in Healthcare

A chaplain is usually a person who is an ordained minister who has been commissioned by their religious faith group to minister in an institution, organization, or governmental agency such as such as hospitals, prisons, businesses, schools, diplomatic facilities and all branches of military service. Chaplains have additional training for the specialized setting.

Chaplains Offer Spiritual Care

Everyone's life is a story, unique and precious. One of the greatest gifts one person can give another is being a listening presence. And when we hit a crisis in our lives, such as a hospitalization or serious injury or illness, having a listening presence to hear our stories is more crucial than ever. An attentive listening presence can help bring about renewed hope and healing. This is the core work of the hospital chaplain.

Our chaplains’ program is a vital part of Shepherd’s interdisciplinary healthcare team concept. They are an intricate part of a diverse approach that honors the physical, emotional and spiritual requirements of those being cared for.

Our chaplains respect the multiplicity of all faiths and denominations, honoring the personal relationship between the individual and their God. Many choose to have personal faith discussions with our chaplains, while others benefit from discovering the healing value of a good friend and devoted listener.

Private Chapel Worship

Shepherd’s Chapel provides a safe, sacred space for private worship. It is located on the first floor of the Shepherd Building.

The Chapel at Shepherd Center is always open for quiet prayer and meditation.

Worship Services and Individual Prayer

Shepherd Center recognizes that many who are away from home and their faith community need a place to turn for spiritual nourishment and healing. Our worship services is dedicated to honoring this need and also serves as an extension of rehabilitation. Our service models what it might be like to return to active participation in a faith community after injury. Services are held at 1:30 pm on Sundays in the Calloway Auditorium.

The worship atmosphere is casual and accessible. The seating is flexible to better accommodate family grouping if desired

Patients and families may desire a chaplain when:

  • Anxious about their condition or treatments.
  • Wish to receive prayer, ceremony or readings.
  • Facing difficult decisions.
  • Having spiritual or religious concerns or questions.
  • Patient wishing to receive a visit from a clergy member, priest, imam, rabbi from the community to perform specific rites or ceremonies.
  • When a patient or family member requests a Bible, Tanakh, Koran, prayer book, prayer rug, or rosary.
  • Struggling with the meaning of injury or illness.
  • Grieving over a loss (e.g. disability, life transition, death in the family or loss of friend.).Wanting to reflect on spiritual issues and concerns.
  • Wish to celebrate and give thanks for results and positive outcomes.

Visiting with the Chaplains

Chaplain Ben Rose
Phone: 404-350-7328

Chaplain Dave Wethington, MA, BCC
Phone: 404-350-7674